Need Help With A Child?

Remember the old cliché, “It takes a village to raise a child?” It may be old, but it still stands true.  Whether you’re married, single, or divorced, raising children requires help and support.  Many are afraid to ask for help.  This is why we are coming to you. Our Young Heroes Leadership Academy, located in Los Angeles County, is a mobile program that brings all that we offer to a recreation center/park near you to help you with your child.  

With all of the negative influences that surround our youth outside of the home, it’s difficult for parents to maintain a sense of control over the level of impact these influences can have over their children.  Today, such influences as the internet, social media and peer pressure have highly impacted how youth communicate and interact. Many lack in solid social skills, drive and ambition causing problems in relationships, a lack of respect for authority and idleness.  Help us help you by allowing us to reinforce strong values, morals, and other pertinent skills needed to ensure the success of your child. This will be done under the leadership of our well trained professional military veterans who will provide them with the best tools needed to live a more discipline life.  

Our Young Heroes Leadership Academy is designed to engender positive change, growth and leadership in youth K-12. Our goal is to “catch them while they’re young” and still impressionable.

Partner with us today by enrolling your child in our program. Isn’t he/she worth it?  Start benefiting from our program by first completing an interest form. Click here. For more details about our Academy and the services your child will receive, click here.